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A collaborative family of Independent content creators who challenge narratives.

Independent Media is expanding almost infinitely on a weekly basis, it seems. New channels, new platforms, new personalities are constantly emerging, taking advantage of the latest technology. As an independent content creator, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with it all! In that vein, a group of us have recognized & decided that collaborating creates multiple opportunities, and combining our efforts can make us all better.

This is the motivation behind why Indie News Network exists. Each member already has their own established channels, shows, content and fans, which they will retain, continuing to build & grow - and now we all help to grow the network itself.

Each network member can co-publish & co-stream to the network channels whenever they go live, or upload a new video, or publish a new article or a new podcast episode. Live streamers can also use the network Substack to alert network email subscribers when they go live and share a link to Twitter with the stream embedded.

What do we all have in common? Lots! We are all relatively new to the indie content creation space - all started since 2015 years, some more recent than that!

We all believe in uncorrupted representation, we’re anti-imperialist, anti-monopolistic, anti-fascist. We all challenge narratives and have all seen that 20 multibillion-dollar owned media behemoths control 95% of what Americans see & hear - and went looking for the unbiased truth, free from the influence of big pharma, big banks, the military industrial complex & big tech. We decided to CREATE the news we wanted to see, and thought others should be consuming, amplifying the best independent journalists & creators.

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A collaborative family of Independent content creators who challenge narratives inn.network
host of reefer after dark. Co host of how did we miss that. Co host of The wild cards
Singer/Writer/Activist Host of ‘American Tradition’ on IndieNewsNetwork.
Author, Former Senate staffer, geopolitical analyst, contributor for RT International,producer, host of the Politics of Survival find me at tarareadepodcast.com email: tarareadeauthor@gmail.com @readealexandra on Twitter
Marxian Pitbull. Streamer. Gamer. Internet Psychoanalyst. Chaotic Good.💍Married. #ABAB #PostDuopoly Like my work? Buy me a coffee: shorturl.at/cAIV0
Anti Establishment political commentator and writer for real independent media. Subscribe to my SubStack. Also join me at @IndLeftNews.
Sole proprietor of Counterspin: Lies, Damn Lies, and Spin! "Voted Best"
Hi! I’m Indie. I champion corporate-free independent media which challenges narratives that cable & broadcast media push on behalf of advertisers. Co-founder, Indie News Network & Indie Media Awards. Fiercely independent politically, anti-duopoly.
media producer, musician, activist
The Host of The Handsome Cynic Live Nearly every weekday at 2:15PM EST. I also sometimes host a light night stream called Late Nights Member of INN Check out my linktree for all of my links
The host of Political Fight Club. I want you to hit me as hard as you can.
Want to make a better world for all.