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OMG - they make money to run their business because people like what they actually have to say and aren't jealous of their membership numbers - the horror

my god - you are why the left gets nowhere ... if someone is successful they must be evil? grow up

so your argument is that BP pays their contributors? they're primary revenue is the people that watch them? this pitchfork and torches approach to anyone who does not constantly kowtow to what YOU want people to talk about is really really atrocious and show YOUR issues - not theirs .... this is why the left has always been compared to herding cats - everyone is pissed when someone doesn't talk about their pet subject - that's NOT a thing guys - they HAVE HAD JULIAN'S FAMILY ON THE SHOW SEVERAL TIMES ... but I guess you ignore what doesn't fit your witchhunting narrative? they talk about what THEY'RE MEMBERS want to hear about - YOU make a name for yourself talking about Assange and stop expecting the rest of the world to fit your narroaw agenda

this is from 9 days ago https://youtu.be/bgHPFt3eFu8






so what exactly are you talking about - that they didn't mention him in 1 video?

come on children ... we need to stop these asinine distractions where we desperately look for things to hate our own side for ... you are the problem - not someone that has a bigger paying membership then you ;-/

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