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Thank you for this. It confirms what I've heard on Breaking Points.

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Just sad... Have fun never winning

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This is why the left will NEVER succeed ... OMG - these people have some money and talk to people I don't like ... that means they're trash .. grow up

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This article has some factual errors in it concerning the PHP and Krystal Ball

1) The PHP Actually donated $95,658 to candidates according to https://www.opensecrets.org/political-action-committees-pacs/people-s-house-project/C00639997/candidate-recipients/2018

Not the $49,000 figure you posted from an earlier article.

2) You claim that Krystal Ball proclaims a generic message in first book Hijacking The Democratic Party-- but actually, the bool highlight's much more than just a generic message her message is that Capitalism with a UBI is the only solution to economic income inequality. You also missed the entire first chapter where Ball falls all over loving Biden and how she down plays he is so called problematic past positions. https://leontrotsky.substack.com/publish

3) Finally you forget to mention that The Young Turks including your favorite guy Jimmy Dore interviewed Krystal Ball on her Hijacking The Democratic Book. and he clearly didn't read it because if he had read her book he would have seen that Ball doesn't really believe in anything he says he cares about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sikkksZb9Y

That is a huge issue with all alternative media And notice how they don't actually ask any questions about her book or anything else she has to say her Biden Love.

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